Sunday, March 23, 2008


I've done Art Linkletter before, for Humor Me Sundays, I know, but I must do him again. I really enjoy his humor with children. I can do something else, but I found some more "old" humor that will hopefully still be just as fresh and funny today as it was when his book was published in 1961. I love to laugh and I love good, clean humor. That, my dears, never gets old, wouldn't you agree?

Art says: A girl in the third grade was having trouble doing her arithmetic without counting on her fingers, so her mother tried to teach her to do sums in her head.
"Close your eyes and imagine you see a blackboard," the mother told her. "Do you see it?"
"Yes," said the girl.
"Now write your problem on it. Do you have it written down?"
"Not yet," the girl said. "I can't find the chalk." (I love it!!)

In another excerpt that I love from his book, Art says, Any parent knows that children are absolutely ingenious at inventing excuses. The average mother hears more plausible explanations for misdeeds in one week than a traffic judge hears all year. Let's listen to some of these inventive minds at work: A boy's mother told him, "You mustn't pull the cat's tail like that." "I'm only holdingt it, Mom," he said. "The cat is pulling."

Asked why he always gobbled his food, a nine-year-old explained: "It tastes so good that I want to eat all I can before I lose my appetite."

A mother asked her daughter, "Why can't you behave like Sally next door?"
"Because she's a doctor's kid," the girl said.
"What's that got to do with it?" her mother demanded.
"The doctor always keeps the best babies for himself," the girl replied.

I hope you've had a wonderful Easter Sunday, whether you're with family, or it's just you and Jesus. If you're not a believer, it's still you and the Lord because HE IS ALIVE and real, whether you believe in Him or not OR whether you know of Him but haven't trusted Him as your Savior. I pray you know Him and celebrate the risen Savior today!!

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