Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Well the result of the poll at the bottom of my blog is in. Couldn't fool you old folks!! You, of course, knew that the music records from the "old days" were made of vinyl instead of rubber, plexi-glass, or some of the other choices I gave. What you may not have known is that there was one other choice I gave, that records WERE made of besides vinyl, and that was...SHELLAC. Google information on these now ancient, round music marvels of their time, and you will see how they were made, and other materials they were made of. It surprised me when I researched it. My husband still has most of his old favorites on records (or "albums"). I have been wanting to get him an old record player so that he can hear that nice, warm, crackling sound again, of the music that thrilled his soul so long ago. He would love to spin those discs on the turntable again. My how time flies. We now have little mini discs compared to 45's or LP's called CD's and we probably have other mini things that this electronic iliterate (sp?) doesn't know of. What next? Well, I'm off to post the next poll. Watch for it and give your answer.

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