Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Let me just say from the onset that I was truly going to write about where our hearts and priorities are and whether God was on the center seat of our lives or not, or are we there, and God is on the outskirts somewhere. This would still be a great topic for today, but, I was just lead to share something directly from Proverbs-THE BOOK FILLED WITH WISDOM in the Bible. I'll leave you with this thought concerning this particular topic though: Check yourself and make sure that your days and life isn't filled with everything except your time with God and family. Take this blog of mine for instance. I hesitated to do it initially because I didn't want to spend much time on the computer and away from other priority things, and I'm just not a big computer person. I actually prayed about whether God would be okay with me doing a blog as an outlet for my writing and interests and other things. I asked Him to convict me however He wanted to in making sure that nothing came before HIm and family, and if this blog was going to do it, then I wouldn't have a blog. It was that simple. I also asked Him to help me make sure that I was a wise steward of my time if He did allow me to do it. You see, once I committed even this to Him, I was on the path to making sure that I was doing what was pleasing to Him, not just me. I think through (sometimes:)) what I want to write and share, and how much time it will take me. I prepare (sometimes:)) ahead of time so that I don't waste time when I get on here to type. I commit to only a few minutes a day doing this and I make sure that I'm not robbing my homeschooled girls of any time I need to be with them, or run errands, or do housework (yea, how fun:( , etc. They are usually doing independent work or taking a break when I do this. I feel better about this. Well, you can apply these same principles to things you like to spend time doing. Just make sure that you're honoring God with your time and you're not robbing your family, etc. of what they need. And, obviously, make sure God approves of what you've chosen to do. That might seem obvious, but you know how we like to just go off and do our own thing without consulting Him. I know I've done it. Anyway, I'd like to share a Proverb with you for today's wisdom. In fact, it's titled GOOD THINGS COME FROM WISDOM (Proverbs 2:1-6 NIrV--This is the wisdom of a father to a son, but it can apply to either gender)

My son, accept my words.
Store up my commands inside you.
Let your ears listen to wisdom.
Apply your heart to understanding.
Call out for the ability to be wise.
Cry out for understanding.
Look for it as you would look for silver.
Search for it as you would search for hidden treasure.
Then you will understand how to have respect for the Lord.
You will find out how to know God.
The Lord gives wisdom.
Knowledge and understanding come from His mouth.

Have a wiser Wednesday today than you had last Wednesday:)!!!!

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The Real said...

This was truly inspiring. It just reminded me how much more often that I should seek GOD's infinite wisdom in any decision making process.