Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Sorry so late with this post my people. If I'm going to do a post at all in a day, it's usually earlier than this. Now, since I've got the chance to blog today, at this late hour, I thought I'd go ahead and do my usual tea post. I love doing it, and I have people who actually read this post regularly.

We know the importance of fluoride, right? I mean, you hear your dentist talk about it all of the time. (Fluoride, of course, has been shown to fight tooth decay and reduce plaque.) You probably buy your toothpaste based on the amount of fluoride it has, because you know your pearly whites need it. We may also be concerned with having fluoridated water. That could be a great addition to your water source at home. Woudn't hurt. So what does your toothpaste, water, and this tea post have to do with each other? Uhhh...FLUORIDE! Tea has flouride?!! Who knew!! Another great reason to drink it.

(picture from www.matton.com)
Linda Osborne has published that it has been found that "black tea contains more flouride than a comparable amount of flouridated water. Tea also contains calcium, which contributes to strong bones, and zinc, thought to strengthen the immune system and fight colds. It is a source of B vitamins, including B1, B2, and B6, which promote a healthy heart, inhibit free-radical damage, and boost energy. Folic acid, known to aid in blood cell formation and preventing some cancers, is present in tea, particularly in Assam and Darjeeling." These are teas from India. There are many great sources for these and others online. Like I always admonish, check your online source and make sure the company you buy your tea from is reputable, doesn't make outlandish claims about what it's tea can do, has fair pricing for the quality of tea you're getting, and doesn't keep it's tea warehoused too long. Buying the freshest tea possible is very important. Taste depends on it.

Have a great day today. I pray that you find yourself a great black tea and end up with a perfect cup of that perfect infusion and stronger teeth to boot!!


Linda said...

That is interesting. I know some older people prefer country tank water for their tea, because there is nothing added to the water. Obviously the added flouride wouldn't make any difference!

Blessed One said...

While I must admit I've never been much of a tea drinker, you certainly do make it seem appealing! Blessings!