Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pensieve's Poetic License w/ a Cinquain-Autumn theme

Robin at has given us another license to wax poetically. I love it when she gets a chance to offer this challenge. Poetry, although I'm not nearly the best at it, is passion to me. I also love reading the other entries that are listed with Mr. Linky at her site for the PPL opportunity. You should click on her link and check them out.

Robin offers PPL to anyone, whether they consider themselves seasoned poets or brave first-timers. You'd be surprised how easy some forms of poetry are to write. Anyone can do it. Everyone should try their hand at it at least once. Below are my feeble attempts at a cinquain. Go to Robin's place for more details on PPL and how to write a cinquain. This offering, the theme is Autumn.


dry, crackly

cooling, ending, coloring

excited about the hues, but the blues sets in



Summer's tail end

fast approaching--Wait! Wait!

Less light, shorter days sadden me.

Fall's here.

Who can tell I'm a late Spring/full Summer person?! I know. I'm in a small minority. Don't be surprised. I've always been the "different" one. ;)


Karmyn R said...

I have to agree with both poems!!!

Herb of Grace said...

I am totally a summer person, too... love the second one especially!

Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...

I love both. The second really captured a sense of wistfulness. Great job!