Monday, September 22, 2008


For Today...September 22, 2008

Outside my Window...I'm a little saddened because things are starting to look like Fall, and while Fall colors are beautiful, I'm already missing the brightness, freshness, and green of Spring and Summer. I'm already missing the warm weather, as it is starting to get cooler, especially at night. I'm a warm and hot weather person.

I am thinking...I am thinking about all of the things God taught me this weekend. What a weekend we had here!! The Lord has taught us so many lessons and blessed us altogether this weekend. I'm thinking about the promises He makes to each of His children. He is so faithful!

From the learning rooms...the girls are working on various things. One is studying for a test and the other is working on one of her given subjects this morning. They like to be sprawled out on their beds with their books and folders open. This is their preferred room and studying position.

I am thankful for...the ability to pay our car note this month. We thought that it would be impossible with the financial hardships we've been having, but God, in His love, grace, and mercy, provided for us literally in the 11th hour (or is the saying "the 12th hour?).

From the water is boiling for my morning bowl of oatmeal. Yummy!

I am sweat pants, a white t-shirt with black and red writing on it (it says "Behind this t-shirt is the best mom in the world"--my kids gave it to me a couple of years ago for Mother's Day), and those trusty white satin house slippers (what would I do without them?)

I am reading...not too many books on my "want to read list." I've been so busy with studies I'm doing, like The Study of the Women of the Bible, my Greek lessons, etc., that I can't get involved in any other book right now.

I am hoping...that God provides me with a way to make extra money while staying home. I thought I had a job prospect at the end of last week that sounded really good, but after my husband and I prayed and talked about it this weekend, we realized it wasn't the job for me.

I am creating...or trying to continue to create a more loving and orderly home for my family. I'm trying to teach this to my children so that they can prioritize this when they get families.

I am daughter flip pages in her McGuffey's Eclectic Third Reader. I love these books. I want to eventually have all of them. I have 3 so far.

Around the house...I'm looking at my clean walls and baseboards and appreciating very much our efforts this weekend, to get them clean. The kids and I washed all of the walls and trim in the house (they had gotten really dirty and dusty) and windows, and my husband cleaned the upstairs bathroom and got all of the cobwebs out of the corners of every room in the house. I really appreciate everyone's efforts.

One of my favorite listening to my girls read with lots of clarity and expression. I also like reading back to them this way.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...running errands for the family, picking my son up from Raiders practice every day, going to the library, doing a TV spot on a local TV station concerning domestic violence--educating the community and offering advocacy and support, going to classes at church on Wednesday, babysitting, going on a date with my husband, and hopefully resting at some point.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

I will need a few cups of this beautiful drink of nature by the end of my busy week. My relaxing cup of aesthetically beautiful and palate pleasing green tea--helping me to slow down and enjoy the small, precious moments in life. Talk about simple pleasures!!

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