Monday, September 8, 2008

MOMMY (and Caregiver/Mentor) MONDAYS #25

Well, the Lord allowed little baby A. M. Mason to come into this world with no complications and very healthy. He weighed 8 pounds and 9 ounces. This was truly a healthy baby boy! Who am I speaking about here? Why, my new little nephew born to my youngest sister in Memphis, of course! He was born yesterday at 12:50pm (yes, after I got back home and, after I had been in Memphis waiting on his arrival for a WHOLE WEEK and him not being born--long story I'll have to tell you about later) after having to be induced because he simply did not want to come out of the warm comforts of his mother's belly. Well, actually, my sister's hormones weren't activated properly, so they wouldn't trigger labor, but one just wants to believe that the baby just loved the comforts of the amniotic sac with its warm fluid, close, comfortable, secure tightness of the uterus around it, no dealings with the outside world, being fed without someone even sticking a bottle to your mouth (talk about feeding on demand!!), and no having diapers changed with cold baby wipes next to your skin. I'd want to stay there too!! Who wouldn't?!

Baby A. M. is his name for now because, well...he doesn't have a name yet. All of my sister's other children (3) have the same initials, so of course, this one will too, but she couldn't narrow her list of names down by the time he was born, so she is waiting and thinking. We've thought of Anthony Malachi, Adam Mitchell, Anderson Monroe, you name it, we've thought of it. I think that she should go with one of my picks of course, but in the end, it's her baby, and the name will be solely up to her. I'll be happy regardless. I'm just glad my baby nephew has been born!! I wish I had pictures, but none have been sent to me yet, and there are none on the web so far. You'd better know that as soon as they're up, I'm uploading them to my blog, and everyone will see him!!

If you have children, were any of your babies more than a week late (this was the case with my sister)? None of mine were, and when my body decided to deliver, my babies came fast and hard. Thank the Lord! Yes, I thank the Lord for fast, hard deliveries. The hard pain was over quickly and I felt back to normal almost immediately. I carried very little pain home with me. In fact, I remember a little tenderness, but no soreness at all. This, compared to some labor and delivery stories I've heard, is a major blessing. Now, this blessing of fast, hard labor and delivery is not the same scenario played out in my life while carrying my babies for nine months. That was a whole different ball game, not always played well. But God sustained me and obviously got me through. He was merciful and gracious to me in the end. So was He, it sounds, to my little sister. After she was induced and delivered, she called me and sounded as if nothing had happened at all. She sounded fine and rested. I'm so thankful for that. Neither of my sisters nor I had a rough row to hoe with spitting our little ones out.

Well, this post was dedicated to my little sister and Baby A. M. "Welcome to the world baby! I've already prayed for you and the plans God has for your life. I prayed that your mom commits herself and your life back to God, the One from whence your lives came. I will be praying for you often through your life, like I do all of your siblings. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! You are a blessing!"

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