Sunday, May 11, 2008


I bet you already know this, but I just had to say it anyway!!
Who doesn't love a good "find?"
Who doesn't love to save money?
Who doesn't like both of the above together?
I love to FIND neat things and pay less than retail. I love old things,I love new things on clearance, I love the thought of treasures you may find in vintage, re-sale, and thrift shops. I love garage sales and estate sales. Do you get the picture?!! This stuff just thrills me to pieces. No, I'm not hard to please.
Yesterday, in preparation for a Mommy/Daughter tea banquet, I looked around for the little odds and ends that I needed to complete the tea table that I was hosting at church. I was tired when done, but I had a good time going from store to store shopping for the items. I found fabric napkins, nice quality ones, for $3.00 and $6.00 a pack (Tuesday Morning). I found crystal serving trays and spreaders in mint condition at a resale shop for not more than $1.00 a piece (Dogwood). I got floral decorations from a dollar store for obviously $1.00 a strand (Dollar Tree). I found a nice gold and silver, 45pc., flatware set for $20.00 and a beautiful tablecloth for $5.00 (Big Lots) (I had to end up taking the tablecloth back though, because I picked up the wrong size). I have a friend who manages a re-sale store in town who knew what I was preparing to do and so, she told me that if I weren't going to use the props I needed from her store any more after the banquet, to just borrow them for the day and then, bring them back on Monday. How cool is that?!!
I was just so blessed yesterday. Let me tell you, I definitely dedicated my shopping to the Lord and asked Him for bargains if they were meant to be had. I asked Him to let me find everything I needed for the big day, and sure enough, the Faithful One did!! I almost thought I'd failed the directors of the banquet and let the guests that would be at my table down, because I didn't feel like I really had everything and it would be "nice." Well, I didn't have the best looking table by far, but I had everything I needed on it, and I was very pleased with the color scheme. I did my best with what I had, and I had fun!! What else mattered?!! Thank you Lord for my successful day, in more than one way! You came through for me and lots of others again.
Happy shopping and saving you guys. Go "thrifting" more often. There is no telling what you'll find! Maybe more than that, ask God to help you shop. He does better than the best bargain hunter!!

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