Friday, May 16, 2008


I'm participating again!! With whom and to what?

Robin at Friday's 40 Words or Less Photo Challenge. Forgot the challenge (if you want to play along)? Look at the picture below. Then, in 40 words or less, give it a caption, a poem, title, post, or whatever you want to say in 40 or less. Check out my "welcome letter" below the picture, that would be found in the room for my own 40 word challenge! (The picture is Robin's, brought in from her blog)

Welcome to the Roberts-Wright B & B where luxury is not additional; it is the norm. Your room comes equipped with all of the latest amenities and sophisticated modernity. You are in the Feathered Down Room. Two words--LOSE YOURSELF!

Now, go over to Robin's ( to see who else played along. I bet there are some good ones out there!

Robin, I had fun with this one!! I wanted to jump in the picture! Thanks for choosing that picture.


karisma said...

Ok, I am lost. Errrr! Is there chocolate with that????

Peculiar said...

Karisma, girl, I forgot the chocolate!! How could I do that?! You see what happens when you're limited to 40 words:)?!! So, the chocolates (with an "s" because we need some, not one)are under the pillow with the flower. When you move it, you've found the treasure!!

ChrisB said...

Perfect, such luxury~ I managed to grab a choc before I lost myself!

jennifer in OR said...

Great job! I could snuggle up in there with a good book and be transported to a beautiful place!

Robin said... WANT to get lost in a place like this! Definitely not the "real world" (don't we get enough of that?).

Thanks for joining in...I always feel your enthusiasm no matter what you're writing about :).

Kim said...

Okay...please know that I'm having fun here and not picking....41 words! Ummmm I'm telling the teacher. That is if I counted correctly. Oh well...I know one of the weeks I'm going to go over the alloted 40.

Great way to describe this picture. I really enjoyed reading it. Makes me want to say at the B&B!

Mine is up...come on over for a spell. :)

Chel said...

What a super welcome letter!

Mariposa said...

Geezzz...where am I?

My entry is up!

Peculiar said...

chrisb, that's what I'm talking about; that's why I put the chocs under the pillow!! I almost forgot until Karisma reminded me;)

Jennifer, ME TOO!!

Robin, thanks. This picture can make anybody enthusiastic!!

Kim, and I thought I counted just 40! Sorry everybody!! I try! BTW, I love B&B's! Wish I could stay at one all of the time.

Thanks Chel! And thanks for stopping by.

Mariposa, I feel the same way. I wanted to jump into this picture!!

Anonymous said...

Excellent, I want to stay at that B&B :)

Carrie Sue said...

That is a GREAT ad, I would definitely stay there!

Karla said...


Peculiar said...

Marmite and tea, This was so fun, wasn't it? Who wouldn't want to stay there?

Carrie Sue, me too!! Thanks.

Karla, Yes it is!! I had fun doing this.