Monday, May 19, 2008


My precious readers, there is a new poll at the bottom of the page, and I'd like for you all to participate, just for fun!! Sorry I hadn't updated and put out a new poll lately. I try to do one once a week, but the last couple of weeks have been mighty hectic, and when I posted, I forgot all about the poll. The answer to the last poll's question, "Which word means 'of persons given to using long words?" was the word sesquipedalian. I learned something new too. I never knew that word before I put the poll out. I love learning new words and their meanings!

One more thing I need you to know before I go; I will not be home to post for an entire week, starting tomorrow, so don't forget about me while I'm gone:), and I apologize for not being able to give you something fresh and new. For those of you who would like to pray whenever you think about my family and I, please do so. We welcome the prayers.

Come back to see what's new posted by this weekend, and we'll prayerfully be back in blogging or posting business!! I have a son who is graduating, and he has a week's worth of activities that I must attend to. That makes Mommy out of commission for a while. I will return as soon as possible. Thanks for your understanding. Have a wonderful week in the Lord!!

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