Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Working on 100 and feeling mighty good!

I'm so excited! My 100th post celebration is coming up!!

By Sunday, May 11th, I should have written (unless something happens of course) my 100th post! Boy, I've been plugging along since February 2008. I'm not good at this whole blog layout (the way it looks) and setup thing, but I love to post!! I love to share, and I love to have my readers stop by. I hope and pray you've enjoyed your time with me since February. I sure have enjoyed sharing things on my heart and mind with you! Thank you ever so much to my readers for stopping by, whether once or everyday. I've even found out I've got some regular "lurkers." Well, because I don't do this for the number of readers who stop by and don't get upset if no one comments, I don't mind you lurking. Sometimes, I don't know if I get lots of readers in a day, none, or one. I created this blog because it was an outlet for me to write, express myself, get thoughts down and out of my head, and sometimes, just sheerly obey the Holy Spirit in sharing something He would be pleased with or think necessary to have me share. Yes, I was hoping that someone found or thought what I had to say interesting, and yes, comments are welcome and appreciated, but if you choose not to comment, well, I'm actually still very content. I just appreciate you stopping by and wanting to see what's there.

Well, most bloggers do something special for their 100th post celebration, and I'd like to do the same. I want to do something different though, but I haven't thought of anything clever yet. I'm going to think and pray about it, and you watch for the 100th post celebration. I'll try to have it posted by Sunday, May 11th. So, instead of doing Humor Me Sundays, like I normally do, we will have a celebration. If I just can't come up with anything really different and clever, I'll do what most bloggers do and that's come back and tell you 100 things about myself, that I think you'll think is quite interesting! Maybe, if I can do it right:), there will be pictures too!

Okay, that's it for today. Check back with me tomorrow for Wednesday Wisdom. I'll see if I've got any for you, wisdom that is. Pray that I can come up with something unique for my 100th post celebration, and if my brain fails, I promise to try and make it worth your time otherwise! See ya.


Anonymous said...

What about sharing your testimony in 100 words? That would be cool!

Peculiar said...

Kelly, thank you for this idea. I honestly am going to pray about this and am seriously considering using it. I really like this. I hadn't thought about doing my testimony this way. This will also piggyback off my post I just did on transparency and how profitable that is. Thank you for your suggestion. I love it. Come back and see me again!