Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Though I don't have regular access to a computer right now, I'm glad that the Lord allowed me a chance to make it to the library on...TUESDAY!! It's my day to do my tea post! Yea!! I like all of the days I'm allowed to post, but today just happens to be a day that I can think of something I've already done or studied or can easily talk about and welcome you to try what we discuss for yourself. When its tea day, I can type out familiar or fun things pretty quickly, and don't have to spend a lot of time studying and rushing to get it done at the library because someone may be waiting in line to use the computer. Whew!!!

Well anyway, I want to invite you to have a tea bath. It involves 4 steps total, but you can do all or 1 or however many you want to try. This is pretty easy and it's pretty relaxing.

First you'll want to save your green tea leaves that you had in your cup this morning or the night before, and place them in cheesecloth (this will keep the leaves from clogging your drain or sticking to the sides of the tub), or, you can use fresh green tea leaves. For added scent and if you can get hold of some, add rose petals. I like to do this AND add powdered milk for a "green tea milk bath." You can go one "worth it" step farther and place all of these ingredients in a bowl and add essential oil or fragrance oils of your choice. Place the cheesecloth or bag in the tub while your hottest water is running (as hot as you can stand it so that everything can "steep"), wait about 5 minutes, mix your water around (your bath may be tinged a pretty emerald green--none of this will hurt you unless you're allergic to one of the ingredients), step in, lay back, and relax!

We're not finished! I forgot to mention that you need to have made yourself a warm, refreshing, inviting cup of your favorite tea first. Take it into the bath with you. Make sure to have it in a pretty cup. That just enhances the whole experience.

I would have already taken my real bath first, so as to remove all the oils and dirt from my skin, so that by the time I'm ready for my tea bath, it's just a pleasurable soaking experience. You just soak as long as you like and then rinse your body with warm water when you're done. Pat your body dry, then, and here comes the next or third step, rub and/or sprinkle luxurious green tea products on your body to keep it moist and supple. There are many products out there to choose from. I can't recommend one. I'm not sure if what these products really tout as benefits work, but again, it will enhance your whole tea bath experience, so why not?!!

Oh yeah!! Did I mention that you should find some great soy (in light green color, of course) or green tea candles to place around your precious bath? Well, it'll be worth finding some. This will definitely set the mood. There are many many choices for green tea candles like there are green tea bath products out there too. As a sweet thing to do for your daughter or husband, draw them a green tea bath (hubby might not care about the scent or the rose petals). They'll love it and the effort you put into it. Even my boys, when they were young, enjoyed just plain old milk baths. Maybe I'll do another post one day with green tea bath and milk bath recipes so that you can have many alternatives to choose from.

I wish I could do pictures for this post, but again, I'm at the library, and I can't save and post them to my blog. Oh well, just use your imagination and then let it take you to a warm, relaxing bath.

Have a great green tea day today!!


Linda said...

So nice to hear your happy voice. I haven't had a real bath in ages.

Peculiar said...

Linda, me either for several reasons, but when I get that rare moment, I try to indulge myself because I know I can't do it often and, well...it just feels GOOD! Thanks for stopping by!