Tuesday, October 7, 2008


To all of my precious readers, new and old, I would like to explain to you where I've been and encourage you to keep checking in with me.

My home computer is no longer running, so I've done everything from go to a precious friend's house to blog and look at other things I need, to go to the library, which is where I am now. I will have my computer running again, hopefully in a couple of weeks, or I will be trying to make more visits to our local library. No, going to the library a few more times than I usually do a week isn't convenient, but it's better than not having access at all. I'm also looking into getting a laptop, but only God knows whether we'll be able to afford that or not. We'll see.

Please be patient with me. If you don't hear from me for a few days at a time, I am still out there, just not able perhaps, to make it to some place with computer and/or internet access. The funny thing is, not many days after I went to a friend's house to do my last post, her computer went out too. With her, she believes that she had previously gotten a virus or bug on her computer and neglected to take care of it until it fried her hard drive. So now, I can't even go to her house which was not 5 minutes from mine. Oh well...:)

How Do We Get There From Here? is still a viable, up and running blog so, don't take me off of your "visit list" or put me out of your mind if you enjoy visiting here. I'm glad you find my blog interesting enough to stop by. I always say that I am surprised but so humbled by that. There are so many great blogs out there. Thanks for being so loyal (or just plain curious about me) up to this point. Hopefully the Lord will allow me to continue.

You'll be hearing from me soon. Have a wonderful day today!!


Anonymous said...

There you are!! Glad you are well..just computer-less! I have dial-up so getting online is a challenge at best! I'll keep checking in with ya!

Blessed One said...

Yes, I've been wondering and missing you! So sorry about your computer - that has to be tough! I hope you are able to get a new one soon. Don't worry, you're definately not dropping off my blogroll!

On another note - TAG! Stop by my blog when you have a chance (I know it is difficult for you right now, but when you can). I've tagged you for "5 Reasons Why I Love My Hubby." It is a great opportunity for us to lift up and brag on the hubby the Lord has blessed us with. Blessings! ~ Tracy

Peculiar said...

Mrs. Bee, thanks for continuing to check in with me. i appreciate it. No, I didn't drop off the end of the earth, although it surely felt like it:) Thanks for understanding!

Tracy, thank you too, for stopping by and understanding. Hopefully this problem is worked out soon. I guess I should be thanking God for the library, although coming up here is not always convenient. I can find something to be grateful for still. I will go ahead and stop by your place. Thanks for tagging me.